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TPRS Fall Digital Symposium 1997

Couldn't attend the TPRS Fall Digital Symposium held on December 6th, 1997 ?

Here is your opportunity using RealAudio to listen in to the Saturday conference.

Listen to entire TPRS Digital Symposium

Antennas, feedlines, propagation for 915 Mhz

Bob Morgan, WB5AOH

TAPR 900Mhz FHSS Radio Design

Tom McDermott, N5EG

SS Radio Design Overheads (from DCC 97) (316K)
Channel Capacity Issues (from HamCom 97) (19K)
Various IP Overheads (19K)

TAPR FHSS Radio Design Status Update

Bob Stricklin, N5BRG

Update on Spread Spectrum Rulemaking and TAPR Projects

Greg Jones, WD5IVD

Texnet Update and TexNet status update

Bob Morgan, WB5AOH

TexNet Update (10K)

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