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KK7P DSPx DSP Module / KDSP10 Interface Adapter Kit

This product is no longer available.


The DSPx is a fully wired and tested Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Module suitable for DSP development and learning, as well as embedding into your own projects.

The DSPx is fully compatible with the W7PUA DSP-10 2-meter Software Defined Radio.

The DSPx is interfaced to the DSP-10 with the KDSP10 Interface Adapter.

The DSPx module uses the Analog Devices ADSP-2185N Digital Signal Processor chip. It currently is equipped with a 4M bit/512k byte Flash memory, SST 39VF040 --> --> or similar. The product currently shipping includes a monitor that is compatible with the ADSP-2181 EZ Kit Lite

  • Low Power: 225 mW
  • Processing Speed: 80 MIPS
  • Sampling Rate: 96 kHz
  • Smaller
  • 10 dB Greater Dynamic Range
  • FLASH Memory
  • Lots of Amateur Radio Source code
  • DOS development tools

KDSP10 Interface Adapter Kit

The KDSP10 is a kit that adapts the DSPx module for use in the W7PUA DSP-10 2-meter Software Defined Radio. When used in the DSP-10 in place of the Analog Devices ADSP-2181 EZ Kit Lite, it offers:

  • about 6-10 dB lower noise floor on the ADC, providing about 6-10 dB greater receiver dynamic range
  • about 3 dB stronger output on the DAC
  • much lower power consumption - you don't need to add an extra 9-V regulator
  • direct support of Fast PTT
  • smaller size
  • more than twice the processing power, allowing development of even more features in the DSP-10
  • FLASH rather than EPROM based

The KDSP10 also may be used to host the DSPx as a standalone developement platform.

Ordering Information

Sorry, DSPx&KDSP10 set is no longer available


Units designed by Lyle Johnson, KK7P

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