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TAPR T-238 Kit - A Low-Cost APRS Weather Station

This product is no longer available.


The T-238 is a general-purpose Motorola MC68HC908GP32 microcontroller-based board intended for use with the Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire(tm) bus and any device that needs a serial connection. The T238 has been pre-programmed to interface with a Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Weather Station Weather data is displayed on an LCD display and transmitted via serial port to a Terminal Node Controller (TNC) in APRS formatted weather packets. The T238 can also be interface to a computer for data logging.

In addition to being a ready-made kit with the weather application pre-programmed into the microcontroller, all the necessary debugging and programming hardware is provided for the experimenter to develop applications. Free development environment is available from P&E Microsystems at http://www.pemicro.com/ics08/.

The T-238 kit does not come with an enclosure or power supply. It is left up to the builder to find an enclosure that is suitable. For power, the user can use an ordinary wall transformer ("wall wart") that provides 8-12 Volts DC at 300 milliamps. The T238 is fitted with a 2.1mm power coaxial connector that the center conductor is positive.

The T-238 was awarded second prize in Circuit Cellar Magazine's - Design99 Contest and was featured in the May 2000 issue of Circuit Cellar Magazine. Detailed information about the T-238 can be found at http://www.beals5.com/wx.

The Assembly Manual and Operations Manual are available online.

T238 Finished Kit

Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire(tm) Weather Station

Assembly and Operations Manual

The assembly and operations manual can be found online and in the TAPR software library.


The T-238 was developed by Will Beals, N0XGA, and Russ Chadwick, KB0TVJ.

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