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N4XI X1W-2v2 Outdoor Humidity and Temperature Sensors

This product is no longer available.

The 1-Wire™ outdoor humidity and temperature sensor kit was designed to be used with the TAPR T-238/T283+ APRS Weather Station or N4XI's Linux based WXN weather server over APRS. It should work with any other 1-Wire™ based software as the design is based on the original Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire™ Weather station. The humidity sensor with the kit is an improved version over the original part. It has proven stable with good accuracy over a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

If the X1W-1 inside sensor/interface kit was purchased at the same time, you have the option of installing the EMP/rain gauge interface on this board rather than on the inside board. See the X1W-1 manual on the TAPR web site for more information.

The board also features an aspirator (fan) to improve humidity readings. The fan employed uses ball-bearings which should give a longer life-span than sleeve bearings. Provisions for an extra temperature sensor is also provided to allow experimentation with measuring relative humidity using the wet/dry bulb method. This is purely an experiementer's option as there is no software to support this method of measuring relative humdity at the present

The X1W-2 kit does not come with an enclosure. The humidity sensor must be protected from strong light and direct exposure to the elements. The mounting centers for the sensor board match up to the Davis Instruments Passive Radiation Shield, #7714. The shield works well. If you do not wish to use the Davis shield, some type of enclosure must be fashioned to house the board and protect the humidity sensor.

Ordering Information

Sorry, N4XI X1W-2 Humidity Sensor Kit is no longer available

Assembly and Operations Manual

The assembly and operations manual can be found online at:


If you have the rev 1 kit or PCB, the assembly and operations manual can be found online at:



TAPR kits can be complex depending on the kitting experience of each builder. We don't think you will have trouble with the kit, but it does require some knowledge and experience to successfully go from a kit to a finished, usable unit, depending on the mode of operations.


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The TAPR X1W-2 Kit was made possible by the efforts of:
John Bennett, N4XI - Conceptual and PCB Design
Steve Bible, N7HPR - Project Manager
John Koster, W9DDD - Assistant Project Manager
Joe Borovetz, WA5VMS - Parts Liaison
Dwight Hazen, WB9TLH - Beta Tester


1-Wire™ is a registered trademark of Dallas Semiconductor Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Maxim Integrated Products

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