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Membership Portal Information

Information Regarding Access to the Member Portal

Anyone who has been a member since 2011 has an account on the member website (Membership Portal).

The default log-in ID is your call sign. The initial password is based on the phone number you provided. You should change that after your initial log-in. The recommended way of initial access is to enter your call sign (upper case, no weird attempts to mimic a zero with slash through it), then use the forgot password "Get Help" link. That will send you instructions to the email address on record, which will get you in to where you can set a new password.

A person who wishes to become a new member or renew a membership that lapsed prior to 2011 may create an account. If you wish to do that please initially use your call sign as the user ID. That will allow the system to check for a duplicate entry. If it says the call sign is in use, then you are already in the database and you should use your call sign and the password reset method ("Get Help" link) to gain initial access. Once you do that you may change the user ID as well as the temporary password.

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